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What we do

DSG is at the forefront in providing engineering support services, helping MOD and the UK Armed Forces deliver their operational outputs.

We are able to meet the constant challenges of the ever-changing defence environment and have the full spectrum of capabilities required to deliver end to end in-service support.


Today, in our workshops, we continue to conduct the traditional maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade activities of which we are renowned. We work on military equipment ranging from optronics and small arms through to aircraft components, light protected patrol and military fighting vehicles. However, since our formation, we have expanded our portfolio of capabilities by taking on Defence Equipment and Support activities that have synergies with our business. Capitalising on our traditional skills we have achieved vertical growth with the inclusion of assembly, integration and test and horizontal growth with the acquisition of vehicle support activities; from receipt, inspection, integration, storage and disposal, to embrace the end to end support of Land vehicle equipment.


We now handle spares provisioning, procurement and inventory management and have a dedicated business unit responsible for transactional activities. Our support extends to the front line where MOD contracts DSG to manage the Equipment Sustainability System Regeneration Capability facility in Camp Bastion. The programme significantly reduces the need to return equipment to the UK by conducting forward regeneration and base repair at the front line, saving time and money as well as delivering better value for defence. The transfer of vehicle receipt, inspection, integration, storage and disposal activities to DSG, greatly enhances our capability offering to customers. As well as providing engineering and support services to vehicles already in-service, we invested to transform our workshop facilities to carry out vehicle assembly for the new range of combat vehicles. Our ability to provide support solutions continues to develop and now includes a successful partnering agreement with Army HQ for the management of its training fleets. We are responsible for ensuring that the Field Army has equipment for collective training when its needed, in the right place, at the right time and in the right configuration.


Our Head Office provides strategic direction to our network of main sites, smaller support sites and our teams embedded in military locations throughout the UK. Our extensive coverage is enhanced with our mobile support teams and deployed operational support.  We offer our customers the ability to call on our unique services at home, abroad, on operations or wherever they may need us.