Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

The Defence Support Group (DSG) is committed to making sure our web site pages are as accessible to all sections of the public, those with impaired sight, learning difficulties or other disabilities.

Whilst we aspire for our website to meet web standard W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 Conformance Level Double A, some areas of our site are still under development thus not all of our site contents are fully accessible.

We would be interested to hear from site users who have special access needs about their experience of using our site so that we can improve areas where required.
To help you in your browsing experience, we have put together some useful pointers:

Our website

The design of our websites includes a number of accessibility features including:

- The ability to adjust text sizes
- The use of cascading style sheets
- Transcripts for some video content
- Acronym descriptions

Changing the size of the text on this website

- select Text Size from the View menu. (In some browsers Text Size may be called Text Zoom or Zoom)
- choose the size that you want from the Text Size menu.

Accessibility advice for Mac users

The Mac operating system includes many accessibility options, including resizing text, text-to-speech and keyboard alternatives to mouse functions.

- Visit the Apple website's accessibility section.

Help with PDF documents

This website provides links to documents in portable document format (PDF).
You need the Adobe Reader software to read these files.  The software is available free of charge.
If your screen reader software (for example an audio-enabled web browser) is not compatible with Adobe Reader, Adobe provides a free online tool to convert the content of PDF files to text - so they can be understood by most screen reader applications.

More help

For more help about changing your browser, operating system, or computer settings to view web sites in a more accessible way, go to the BBC's My Web My Way.

Contact details

We welcome feedback on the accessibility and usability of our site.

- If you have any questions or suggestions, if you have difficulty using any part of our site or to request a copy of our accessibility policy, please contact us.