Medals for Supporting Armed Forces

Medals for Supporting Armed Forces

Amassing over 150 years of service between them, five former defence workers received one of the UK’s highest civilian honours, the Imperial Service Medal at a presentation in Donnington on 12 April.

Archie Hughes, Chief Executive of the Defence Support Group presented the recipients with their medals. All have held non-managerial posts and served at least 25 years, making them eligible for the Ministry of Defence’s honour for meritorious and loyal service.

Topping the service list is Margaret Davies from Apley with 38 years service.  A year less in service but Bob Maddox from Wellington still served an incredible 37 years.  Linda Plant from Shawbirch rewarded for 30 years and Helen Jones from Apley with over 26 years service.  Although unable to attend the presentation, June Houston received her medal for 29 years service.


Having committed so much whilst working, Helen, Margaret, Bob and Linda are now all thoroughly enjoying their retirement.  Helen has a part time job with a local store and also looks after her granddaughter whilst Linda and Margaret are enjoying spending more time with their families and Bob has four holidays booked this year!


Archie Hughes, said, "It is a fitting tribute to reward the medal recipients.  They are all a fine example of dedicated employees working for the MOD.  I truly value the commitment and loyalty they have shown.


Notes to Editors:


1.      Picture shows Archie Hughes, far left, with the medal recipients from left to right; Helen Jones,  26 and a half years service, Margaret Davies, 38 years service, Linda Plant, 30 years service and Bob Maddox, 37 years service.


2.      DSG launched on 1 April 2008 as a new MOD Trading Fund with the primary focus of providing expert in-house maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade services for the through life support of the key land and air based platforms and equipment of the UK Armed Forces.


3.      It draws together many unique capabilities that have been developed over several decades for the direct benefit of troops and their equipment at both home and abroad. DSG turnover is in excess of £200m, with a workforce of around 3000 strategically located throughout the UK.


4.      DSG’s Head Office is located in Andover and provides strategic direction to the main sites in Bovington, Catterick, Colchester, Donnington, Sealand, St Athan, Stafford, Stirling and Warminster. Smaller support sites located in Aldershot, Bicester, Kinnegar and Sennybridge further enhances DSG’s geographic coverage. Small support teams are also permanently embedded in other UK military sites as well as established in support of operations in Afghanistan at Camp Bastion.


5.      For further information about DSG or to arrange an interview, please contact Allan Robertson, in the DSG press office:
Office hours: 01446 784007

Out of hours: 07710 789853


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