DSG Civil Service People Survey results 2010


The survey mandated by the Cabinet Office ran during October 2010.

A Steering Group chaired by Head of HR Strategy and Head of Support Services has been set up to report on action planning from the 2010 survey and produce improvements for delivery and feedback from the forthcoming 2011 survey. This will ensure that the action planning process has Board endorsement as all the Executive Directors are members of the Change Board.

The Human Resources Director is the nominated Board Director for the survey and overall DSG Champion for the 2010 survey results and forward planning for the 2011 survey scheduled to take place in September this year.


Action planning from the results of the 2010 survey is already underway.  Linked to this process are the Heads of Business Streams, Head of Support Services, Head of Land Supply and Head of Large Aircraft Business Unit, along with representatives from the corporate area who will prepare action plans for their respective areas.



DSG CSPS Result 2010